Master Key System Service

Master key system offers access control and convenience


EOS Secure provides all the necessary parts for you to assemble the master key system, or we help you to complete it based on the key-plan of your project.

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What is the master key system

A master key system is where specific keys can open certain numbers of doors within an organization. It helps increase the convenience, as the management level people within the organization can hold low numbers of keys to open all the room doors quickly. Sometimes it can save lives when an emergency issue happens.

The security and stability of the master key system are essential. Mutual opening cases (one basic level user key can open lock cylinders with adjacent numbers) are not allowed to happen. Therefore a strict quality control before shipping is very critical.

In the master key system, usually, there are not only single types of lock. EOS Secure supports European profile cylinders, American standard cylinders, and padlocks in the same master key system.

Two Ways to Make Master Key System

Master key system cylinders and Security cylinders manufacturer



We normally offer bottom pins, driver pins, master pins and key blanks to customers who have in-house locksmithes or suppliers offering locksmith services.

eos master key system service


We can supply the assembled cylinder with master key system based on customer key chart.

eos master key system service

Types of Locks in One Master Key System

Master key system cylinders and Security cylinders manufacturer

Restricted Keyway Lock Cylinder

Some customers require their unique keyways. In this case, EOS Secure offers designing service and builds new broaching toolings for our customers. A new keyway can be patented locally. As for the large-scale project, some customers require one key system keyway and several keyways working in one master key system.

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