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The core requirement for all of the accessories is the low-tolerance machining precision. EOS secure invests in the most advanced CNC machines to pursue low-tolerance machining precision to provide the most precise accessories to our customers.

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lock cylinder accessories

The all-round accessories for lock cylinders

EOS secure has patented modular functions, so our customers can easily customize the length of the cylinders locally. They only need to purchase some modular function accessories. A lock cylinder combines plugs, housing, pins, keys, etc. Customers have requirements for re-pin, making master key systems, etc., so except for purchasing the complete cylinders, they also need to purchase key blanks, all kinds of pins, different sizes of plugs, housings, etc. EOS secure offers all kinds of accessories to help our customers provide better services locally.

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Master key system cylinders and Security cylinders manufacturer

lock cylinder key blank and pining kit

Master Key System Lock Cylinder


1. Different numbers of key pins
2. Different numbers of master pins
3. Driver pins
4. Circlips
5. Springs
6. Key blanks

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lock cylinder telescopic pins and master pins

Telescopic Pins Lock Cylinder


1. Housings
2. Plugs
3. Telescopic pins (different numbers, Mul-T-Lock standard)
4. Driver pins (Mul-T-Lock standard)
5. Springs
6. Sealing steel balls
7. Cam (normal cam and emergency cam)
8. Clutch
9. Circlips
10. Key blanks
11. Key code card
12. Master pins (for master key system)

mul-t-lock cylinder

Different Accessories for Different Functions


1. Double clutch
2. Double normal cam
3. Gear cam
4. Thumbturn normal cam
5. Emergency double clutch
6. Thumbturn clutch
7. Thumbturn + thumbturn plug

lock cylinder modular function accessories

Modular Function Lock Cylinder


1. Plugs
2. Housings
3. Extension pieces (5mm/10mm/20mm)
4. Extension inner part (5mm/10mm/20mm)
5. Connecting bridge (different lengths)
6. Cam and clutch
7. Circlips
8. Screws

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lock cylinder sfic and tailpiece

American Standard Lock Cylinder


1. 6 pins SFIC uncombinated core
2. 7 pins SFIC uncombinated core
3. Rimo cylinder accessories: tail piece
4. Rimo cylinder accessories: tail piece part
5. Rimo cylinder accessories: anti-drill steel balls
6. Rimo cylinder accessories: mounting plate
7. Rimo cylinder accessories: connecting screws
8. Rimo cylinder accessories: cylinder guard
9. Mortise cylinder aluminum ring
10. spring washer
11. KIK cylinder tail piece
12. KIK cylinder tail piece part
13. SFIC key blanks (different keyways)
14. Mortise cylinder cams

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