Your Guide To Select Lock Cylinder in 2024

The significance of security is always a concern; no matter where you live and how secure the city is, your security measures play a vital role. These days, there are various ways people keep their homes secure. However, the most common and traditional one is with the help of a lock.

The installation of locks has been in the league for many years and is still opted as the means of security even though automation has taken a toll. If you are looking forward to learning about the traditional lock cylinder that will be applicable to offer security in the year 2024, this guide is the right choice for you. So, let’s read below.


Trends in the Home security market

The size of the global home security market in 2021 turned out to be USD 51.9 billion, and by 2030, it is set to increase to 106.2 billion. The growth is around 8.6 percent CAGR from 2022 to 2030.

If you specifically consider the market of the cylinder lock, it is valued at 7112.1 million dollars in 2023, and by the end of 2033, it is expected to reach 10,426.9 billion dollars, which sees an advanced CAGR of 3.9 percent.

The Evolution of Lock

The locks are a part of modern civilization to keep possessions secured; however, initially, the way to keep possessions safe was not through locks but by tying ropes. However, as time passed, safety methods evolved.

The evolvement of locks started in the form of metal and wood; the evolution of all such locks that took place in ancient times is described in detail below:

Wooden Pin Lock

Egyptian civilization came up with the idea of developing an Egyptian wooden pin lock. This book consists of a door attachment key and a bolt. The fixture in the block consisted of pins, and upon inserting the key, these pins came out of the holes in the bolt that let the movement of the bolt take place. Upon removing the key, the pins took their actual position back and restricted the movement of the bolt.

Mechanical Lock

After the wooden locks, the Egyptian locksmith explored mechanical locks; mechanical locks came into being after the creation of pin tumbler locks, the simplest version of locks made completely using wood.

However, the Roman Empire then brought metal locks in the league that were quite strong compared to the wooden ones. These mechanical metal locks were equipped with bolts, which were a more secure form because they could only be opened using the right key. The pins could only be pushed when the direct key was entered into the lock; otherwise, the bolt wouldn’t rotate.

Lever-Tumbler Lock

In the year 1778, a new advancement among locks was seen. A tumbler lever lock was discovered, and as the name suggests, this lock worked by lifting the lever to a particular height. A slot cut in the lever allowed the lock to open as the lever reached that height.

This lock kept on gaining more and more improvements; a Chubb detector lock was designed in which there was a re-locker in case any unauthorized attempts were made, and the lock would get jammed. The lock could be returned to actual state only by inserting the key; hence, no authorized access was allowed into the properties.

Pin-Tumbler Lock

Linus Yale, in 1848, discovered the pin-tumbler lock. This lock has pins of different lengths, and only the correct key can open it. The pin-tumbler locks today also use the same mechanical and consist of a flat and minor key with serrated edges.

Importance of Security Lock Cylinder

The security lock cylinder is one of the critical considerations that ensure security. The locking systems are suitable for keeping the assets and properties safe and offering personal safety. Some of the reasons that make the security lock cylinder significant are as follows:

  • Security lock cylinders deter intruders from entering the home; when a robust lock cylinder is in place, the property stays protected, and without authorization, nobody can enter.
  • A lock cylinder is essential for security for doors, entry points, drawers, and gates; it ensures that no unauthorized person enters the property and gains access to personal assets or confidential information.
  • When the lock cylinders chosen are of high quality, the burglars and intruders cannot force them to enter the house; it adds an extra layer of protection, so break-ins are avoided.
  • The lock cylinders offer diversity; they are easily integrated into different locking systems, comprising traditional mechanical, electronic, and even smart locks for a customized locking system.
  • An attempt to bypass the lock and gain access without the key is a prevalent lock-picking approach observed; however, when a security lock cylinder is reliable, this act turns out to be challenging for the intruder.
  • The implementation of security lock cylinders not only helps protect the homes; in fact, they are suitable for all kinds of properties, be they residential or commercial.

Key factors when choosing a Security Lock Cylinders

The main aim of choosing security lock cylinders is to ensure the safety of the properties and other assets. Hence, it is essential to choose adequate security lock cylinders; the below-suggested feathers are essential to consider.


The lock cylinders that you choose must have anti-drill features. Such lock cylinders comprise pins made of hard steel; hence, the drill cannot easily penetrate into the lock to unlock it. Hence, the safety and durability of the lock increase.Select Lock Cylinder


Lock picking is a widespread technique to break the locks and enter unauthorized places. Hence, a lock cylinder that comprises pins that are uniquely designed makes it difficult to allow lock-picking. Therefore, the lock that you chose must have anti-pick features incorporated into it.

Select Lock Cylinder


An intruder may use the bumping technique to get inside the house, and for this, they usually have a master key that bumps the pins inside the lock, and the lock opens. If the quality of the security lock cylinder is up to the mark, the lock will have anti-bump features that will resist bumping.Select Lock Cylinder


Snapping the lock cylinder is a common practice of intruders breaking the lock cylinder and entering the property. However, lock cylinders with anti-snap features stay functional even when someone breaks them; hence, the attempt to open it and enter the property can be resisted.Select Lock Cylinder


Due to the evolving 3D technology, creating a duplicate key and opening the lock has become much easier. A lock cylinder that resists 3D-printed duplicate keys must be opted so that the intruders may not get a copy of the key. This can be done by creating key shapes that are very intricate and unique.Select Lock Cylinder

Common Kinds of Door Cylinder Locks

The door cylinder locks that are most commonly opted for can be categorized into two types, and depending on the security requirement, you can make your selection. The two of these are as follows:

Single Door Cylinder Lock

The single-door cylinder lock has a keyhole on one side and a lever on the other. These are widely used for exterior doors, allowing quick entry and exit. However, if the lever or thumbturn side is accessible through a window, it can easily be susceptible to breaking in.

Double-cylinder Lock

Double door cylinder lock has locks with keys on both sides, and it offers added security. These are ideal for doors that have windows nearby or doors that comprise glass panels. To open the door with the double door cylinder lock, the key has to be inserted from both sides to unlock the door.

Maintenance of the Door Lock Cylinder

To ensure that the door lock cylinder works perfectly, it is essential to maintain it and keep a check on it. Some of the ways you can carry out the door lock cylinder maintenance are as follows:

  • Make sure to lubricate the lock after every few days so that it functions smoothly.
  • Keep an eye on the wear and tear signs the lock may have and, if needed, replace it.
  • Keep a check on the screws of the lock, and in case they get loose, tighten them back again to ensure that the lock stays in its place and offers functionality.


The guide above must have enlightened you about the evolution and significance of the door lock cylinders and what factors you must look into when opting for these. Choosing the right door lock cylinders is always a matter of security because failure to do so may lead to a chance of damage and loss if someone breaks into your property.

However, the right door lock cylinders can be sourced through EOS Secure, as you will come across plenty of door lock cylinders equipped with diverse features. You can even have the door lock cylinders customized for your doors for added security, so contact them today.

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